We’re off for a week-long vacation in southern France, in the Mercantour national park. Today was a travelling day: up early to catch a morning flight to Nice, then pick up a rental car, and then a two and a half hour drive to Villeplane, the little village where we will stay for the week.

Nice was all hot and steamy and palm trees, but the mountains were right there around the corner, and the further we drove, the more mountainous our surroundings got. The final 20 km of the road, after leaving the main highway, were narrow and twisty and with interesting tunnels. Often the tunnels were so narrow that they only fit one lane, so the other lane passed on the outside of the mountain. And the final 7 km were on an even smaller road, all uphill, with one hairpin turn after the other and a worn and bumpy road surface as well. When we got to the top Adrian was quite badly carsick and said he didn’t ever want us to drive down that road again.