Another Sunday, another outing based on an idea from a book, this time from “Alla dessa cykelpromenader i Stockholmstrakten”. Since we hadn’t made any plans or preparations in advance, we chose a shortish cycle trip from Spånga to Riddersvik.

Riddersvik turned out to be a beautiful old manor house with a lovely café (excellent cakes, and pleasingly small in size as well) and pretty surroundings. There was an allotment garden below the manor itself, with views of lake Mälaren, and a rose garden on the other side of the manor, and a playground for the kids.

This was a nice contrast to what we saw last weekend at Svartsjö. I found the park around that castle rather depressing. This was a major castle, historically important, close to central Stockholm. It had obviously had grand surroundings once upon a time, but since then obviously hardly anyone had cared for it. For lack of better use it had been turned into a prison for a century, and the best that could be said of the park was that it existed, and was still more or less a park rather than wilderness. Overgrown and untended, with no plantings of any kind.

As a coincidence it turned out that Riddersvik was called Flottsvik some centuries ago and was the other endpoint of the ferry connection between Svartsjö and the mainland.