Preschool pickup on a rainy, muddy day.

The nursery/preschool has two buildings and two yards. The larger building houses all the younger age groups. It has a large yard, with grass, trees and bushes, hills and such. The smaller building is for the oldest kids only. Its yard is basically a flat field of gravel enclosed in chainlink fence, with some play structures here and there. It’s dusty in warm weather and muddy when wet. There is barely any shade. It used to have a few trees but for some reason even those few were removed recently. Luckily sometimes the older kids get to play in the large yard.

I have generally been really happy with this preschool for Ingrid and Adrian but the yard is a disgrace. The staff tell me that the kids don’t mind. And I’m sure the kids are OK with it – just like inner city kids are “fine” with only playing in narrow asphalted courtyards, because that is what they’ve always had. But that does not mean it is good for them.