The raspberry project continues. Yesterday I bought soil; today Adrian and I went shopping for raspberry bushes at Ulriksdal garden centre. I had two varieties in mind; unfortunately the garden centre had run out of one so we came home with only two bushes. (We got ‘Preussen’ but not ‘Mormorshallon’, “granny’s raspberries”.)

In the afternoon I prepared the planting boxes. With the other boxes it was a bit of a rush job – cheap geotextile in the bottom, in with the soil, done. This time I’m doing it thoroughly, both to keep the raspberries contained and to keep the weeds out: stronger geotextile, all the way up along the sides, stapled to the box.

We are really struggling with weeds in the strawberry boxes. There is one particular kind that is almost impossible to get rid of, once it takes hold: it spreads quickly by rhizome, and the rhizomes break so easily that it’s impossible to get them out. One of these year’s we’ll probably start over with those boxes: empty them completely, put in stronger geotextile and fill them up with fresh, clean soil.