I so love seeing my plants grow, and I am so pleased with the two perennial beds that I have planted. Must make more.

The seasonal growth is the most immediately pleasing part: seeing the tiny green shoots emerge and then grow taller and stronger, and unfold into leaves.

But there is also the slower growth from one season to the next. The Epimedium was rather disappointing in its first year, more robust in the second, and quite eye-catching in this, its third year. The hostas I planted last summer look to produce 5 or 6 shoots; the ones from 2014 are already twice the size.

Hostas planted last year

Hostas planted two years ago

Some plants waste no time. Galium odoratum is already doing its job as ground cover even though I only planted it last year. And Carex morrowii is spreading like there’s no tomorrow – I’m already yanking out daughter plants where they are spreading too far from the mother and invading areas where I want other things to grow.

The only plants that currently look hopeless are the Lamiums. Some didn’t come up at all so I suspect they are simply dead; others look puny and near death. But who knows – they might just need a bit of time like the Epimediums.