Ingrid loves her iPhone. She reorganizes her apps, sets reminders for herself, takes selfies and other photos, and generally finds a reason to fiddle around with the phone almost all the time.

Apart from the phone, she likes reading kids’ magazines and newspapers. Now it’s not just Kalle Anka anymore but also Kamratposten and SvD Junior. She devours each issue as soon as she gets one. “Newspapers have facts”, she told me. And it’s facts of a certain kind she likes reading – about people, current events etc.

The two best parts of all of the magazines are jokes and quizzes. She likes reading them out loud for us.

In a way she likes fiction books as well. She just doesn’t have the patience to read them. But one of the highlights of each day is the bedtime story. Eric reads Harry Potter to her every other night (they recently started on book 3). The other nights I read √úle linna Vinski.

She has started playing on the Wii again, after a lull lasting some months. She has gotten Adrian to try Just Dance with her a few times. The most recent game is Mario Kart which she plays together with Eric.

Ingrid is getting somewhat tired of school and is counting days to the beginning of the summer break. They have very little homework (mostly times tables, currently) but even that is too much. She wishes she was back at preschool with no lessons and could play all day long. She’s looking forward to Adrian starting school in autumn – and talks more about it than Adrian himself does. With some jealousy she describes how little actual schoolwork he will be doing in grade 0, and how much she has to do. She’s also making plans for how they can walk to and from school on their own, so I can do other things in the afternoons. Perhaps not this autumn, yet, but we’ll see.

The end of the school term is near and after-school activities are also ending. She’s had her last dance class and the end-of-term show, and enjoyed both more than I had perhaps expected. She’s already talking about maybe taking not one but two dance classes in autumn. But there’s also scouting, which she definitely wants to continue doing, and she’s thinking about kickboxing as well (because there’s a club nearby that offers girls-only kickboxing classes, and three of her friends do that). Choices will have to be made.