The end-of-term show for Ingrid’s dance school.

We went there to see Ingrid’s group perform, but the rest of the show was unexpectedly interesting to watch. Not artistically interesting, perhaps, but intellectually.

A few points I observed:

Expression and emotion matter at least as much as technical and physical skills. Dancers who looked like they were really enjoying themselves were more fun to look at than others who perhaps performed the movements with more skill and precision.

After an hour, it started feeling repetitive. The choreographies mostly consisted of the same basic moves, and the similarities outweighed the differences after a while. I guess there is a limited number of moves you can use for kids who have danced maybe a year or two, once a week.

The more advanced groups had more interesting choreographies, but the competition groups almost went in the other direction: their acts were technically more complicated, and a lot faster, but not so much more interesting from an artistic point of view – choreographed with judges in mind, not general audiences.

It turned out that one of the teachers at the school (Kindahls dansskola) is the choreographer behind several of the performances at Melodifestivalen. Those also consisted of the same “vocabulary” of moves.