A lovely warm and sunny day, so we biked to Bögs gård, a farm on the edge of Järvafältet nature reserve. A pleasant bike ride through a variety of suburban green spaces, ranging from a disc golf park to forests and water meadows.

It was about 20 km altogether and I wasn’t sure whether Ingrid would be able to do it, but it was no problem at all. I have been underestimating her I guess.

The anemone fields in the forest were mind-boggling. They covered the entire forest floor and spread as far as I could see.

At Bögs gård we had lunch and ice cream and looked at the animals – chickens, goats, pigs and calves. The neighbouring Väsby gård also had calves, of hairy Scottish highland cattle. The calves looked like a cross between calf and bear, and behaved like puppies, running and leaping and bouncing around.

We have patches of wood anemones here and there in our garden.

Today I learned that the white petals on anemone flowers are not called petals, because petals are petals only when they are clearly distinguishable from sepals (the green little leaves behind the petals). When they are not, they are called tepals.

I also learned that the number of tepals in wood anemones varies and is normally six to seven, but can be eight to ten on rare occasions, so this flower with its eight tepals – which looked like any other anemone flower to me when I was photographing it – is a bit of a rarity.

Two days left until the Valborg bonfire. We contributed a load of material to the bonfire at Gläntan: lilac branches too thick for the compost shredder, and the trunks of three years’ Christmas trees. Kids were encouraged to climb up on top of the pile to try and compress it somewhat: much of it was made up of brush and branches.

The concept of aphantasia is endlessly fascinating – or rather, the idea that it is possible for other people’s minds to not work like this. So here’s another article about it.

This year’s tomato plants don’t look like much yet.

Ingrid is going on a scout hike. We bought a new backpack for her yesterday – she’s been borrowing ours until now, but it really does not fit her body.

All sorts of useful stuff inside the pack; a sleeping bag and a fox strapped to the outside.