Sports is taking up more space in Ingrid’s life again. After she quit riding in autumn, she wasn’t getting much exercise apart from sports class at school. Now she does disco dancing on Wednesdays and swims with me on Sundays, and tells me she wants to add another sport.

Perhaps it is a virtuous spiral – doing sports again reminds her how good it can feel, gives her more energy, etc. Or perhaps it’s partly due to me setting a good example by exercising regularly again.

She really enjoys the dancing. It suits her so well: there’s pop music, there’s dancing, there is a group of other kids – and there’s no competitive pressure. She practices at home between classes and talks excitedly about the end of term show they are already planning.

Swimming with me is not quite as much fun as disco but still good. She is taking it more and more seriously, setting goals for herself to swim this many lengths in the time we have.

Sports is one of her favourite subjects at school as well. Really she enjoys them all, but the best ones are sports, arts and woodworking. Theatre or film-making would come out tops if it was a subject.

She talks about making Youtube videos, mostly inspired by the Minecraft videos she watches, and is experimenting a bit with making movies on the Ipad.

Favourite reading materials: Kalle Anka of course; Svenska Dagbladet Junior (a newspaper for kids); Diary of a wimpy kid, fantasy-themed books.

Random stuff:
She doesn’t think she will have any kids, because they take too much time.
She forgets to brush her hair and is careless when she does brush, so every few days I grab her and brush out big tangles. She cares about what she wears but not so much about how she looks.
She organized the apps on her Ipad in colour order; then reorganized them alphabetically.
She has been fasting from sugary snacks during Lent. It’s not so difficult day-to-day but temptations such as caf├ęs (or waffle houses on the ski slopes) make it hard, and she is counting down days to the end of the fast.