My post workout feet.

It bothers me that even though I wear sensible shoes and spend a lot of time barefeet, my feet are shoe-shaped and not foot-shaped.

I never wear shoes for working out, and I am very much the exception. Most people wear full trainers with thick soles and all that; some wear Vibram Five Fingers or something similar, but they all wear shoes. One day I thought that perhaps it wasn’t allowed and that’s why they all wore shoes, so I asked the staff at the front desk if bare feet were OK and they said there was no rule against it. So people like wearing shoes.

The only time I kind of wish my feet were more protected is when doing double kettlebell deadlifts, but when I stop to think I realize that a pair of trainers would make no real difference if I did drop a kettlebell on my toes.

You can also see my new tights! After a few months of Friskis & Svettis I invested in a new pair. I feel very sporty in them. My 20 year old sports bra and tank top are still going strong though!