It started snowing just before lunch, and as the afternoon went on, there was more and more snow, as well as more and more wind. It didn’t get quite as windy as in Hemavan last year (when the winds forced lifts to be closed) but with the icy grains of snow it was pretty unpleasant. Especially on the lifts, where we were exposed to the full force of the snow and wind and had neither trees nor even the mountain itself to protect us, since we were above everything. We huddled, and made sure to cover every bare patch of skin with scarfs and mittens.

And I definitely did not stop at the top for photography. Not that there was anything to see there either, because the clouds were low and the air was full of snow. It was all a very white whiteness. “The nothingness,” Ingrid called it.

When we got down among the trees and stopped to look, what looked like snow on the trees turned out to be ice crystals.