This year’s big project will (hopefully) be a new retaining wall around the garden. I’m measuring, sketching, thinking, remeasuring, re-sketching …

Most mornings, Adrian eats porridge for breakfast, with jam. His favourites are blueberry jam and raspberry jam.

To that shortlist he has now also added “Adrian’s favourite jam”, which is a mixture he made of blueberry jam and cherry jam.

Signs of spring:
Swapping winter tyres for summer tyres.

Flowering containers – this time without snow!

The year’s first bumblebee, who visited every single crocus flower in sight. I’m pleased we had such nice fare to offer to her…

… and her very distant cousin the honeybee.

On top of the hill: my mum, Ingrid, Adrian.

Easter means decorating eggs, and onion skin eggs are an absolute must according to my mum.

This year we learned two new tricks. One: wetting the onion skins before putting them around the eggs makes them a lot easier to handle. Two: aluminium foil can be used for wrapping the onion-skin-wrapped eggs even though it is not permeable, and is a lot more flexible than paper.

Påskgubbe and påskkärringar, about to fly off to Blåkulla.

Spring refuses to arrive. I refuse to accept this.