Too busy unpacking, shopping, cooking and entertaining to have any time left for spending on photography.

On our way to Tartu to visit friends and family for a few days.

Ingrid’s one and only wish for Christmas was a laptop. So that was what she got (and a few small token gifts).

For her birthday she asked for a room of her own – basically turning the kids’ room into her room, with age-appropriate furniture. It took us a while to choose the furniture, and then another while to get it delivered, so her new loft bed/desk/shelf combo has not been assembled yet. Meanwhile her MacBook lives on my desk next to my MacBook, and also my brother’s MacBook since he’s here for Christmas. My desk is covered with them.

This time of the year, there is an interval of about 3 minutes during which we get sun in our kitchen, from a narrow gap between the neighbours’ house and a large tree. If the sun is out, which it mostly isn’t.

Mattress + staircase = slide

Ingrid has been finger knitting off and on for two years, on the same “rope”. She just keeps adding to it when she feels like it. The rope now measures many metres. The kids laid out on the floor – turns out it easily reaches from one end of the house to another, and then some.

October was unusually warm. November likewise. December has been crazy warm. Instead of sub-zero temperatures, daytime temperatures this month have been around +10°C. Today it was all the way up to 12°C. It’s december and I’m walking around outside in my spring shoes and jacket, with no hat and no gloves.

In the garden, crocus shoots can be spotted.

The weather is extreme enough that even the kids notice and understand that things are not the way the way the used to be. It makes for a good entry point into discussions about global warming, why I don’t like taking the car when we don’t need to, etc.