First day of autumn break. We bought and carved pumpkins.

For the kids, we found right-sized pumpkins at our local Konsum supermarket. Ridiculous Disney-branded pumpkins, all of identical size and shape… but they were the right size so what the heck.

I wanted a bigger pumpkin and found one at Hemköp. But when I started carving it at home, I realized that I’d gotten an eating pumpkin instead of a carving pumpkin. I guess whoever does the veggie purchasing at Hemköp was not aware that there is a difference, but there definitely is. This one had a very thin skin, almost fragile, that kept cracking as I was carving, and very thick flesh. In fact it had so much flesh that just the parts that I had to cut out were enough for a nice dinner (pasta with black beans and pumpkin sautéed with garlic).

Adrian designed a pumpkin but let Ingrid do the rest of the work – the carving was too hard and the cleaning out of the innards of the pumpkin was too icky. I was quite impressed that Ingrid managed to carve both Adrian’s and her own pumpkin.