Still in Adrian’s life:
Ninjas and pistols and lasers and rocket engines and police and superheroes all the way.
Tired afternoons.

New in Adrian’s life:
He’s drawing now! Even though he drew a human figure at his four-year checkup, he only drew shapeless squiggles otherwise. But now suddenly he is drawing human figures, pirates and rocket ships. Most pictures contain the four of us, with body, two to four limbs and recognizably human faces. Sometimes he draws fingers or hair for some of us as well – or muscles for Eric.

Favourite colours: Green and blue, and “fire colours” (red, orange and yellow).

Favourite clothes: Anything thick, soft and with pockets. Anything superhero-themed: he is very fond of his new Batman and Spiderman fleeces (which are surprisingly stylish actually).

Favourite thing to put in pockets: Chestnuts.

Not favourite clothes: socks.

Favourite foods: Apart from the usual (starches of all kinds, and broccoli) he loves smoothies. He’s kind of picky about fruit he will eat (mostly grapes and apple slices) but if I make a smoothie I can put all sorts of goodies in there and he’ll gobble it up.

Favourite books: Teedu ja Peedu imelikud masinad, a book with funny drawings of funny made-up machines, such as “the puddle digger”, “the morning routine automator” and “the helmet bicycle”.

Favourite words that are just insanely funny: põrnitsema and nämmutama.

Favourite TV show: Sveriges yngsta mästerkock, “Swedish youngest master chef”, which is a cooking game show for kids. First I watched the entire season with both kids, and now I’m re-watching the entire thing with Adrian.

Favourite music: Popular by Eric Saade, a Melodifestivalen song from a few years back. Other Melodifestivalen songs and Hits for Kids type of CDs.

When we listen to radio in the car, he asks for “rockier” music. One day he fell asleep in the car listening to Rammstein on Bandit radio.