We had an OK cherry harvest this year but zero apples. Well, maybe there were two or three apples on the tree but nothing worth picking or eating.

Right across the street from the apple tree, the neighbours have a plum tree. This year they had a fabulous harvest. And they were doing nothing with it! They ate some but the rest was just falling on the ground and rotting.

We could not stand by idly and let that happen! We picked some for a large plum cake, and then picked some more to make plum wine, and finally when my mum heard that there were plums to be had we picked half a bucket for her as well. (With the neighbours’ invitation of course.) Now we have lots of plum cake in the freezer and two demijohns of plum wine bubbling like crazy in the laundry room.

Plum wine is a new one for us, but Eric has made apple wine several times. I’m not a wine drinker; in fact I rarely touch any alcohol at all unless it’s in a cake. But our apple wine, especially the 2013 vintage, is awesome: rich, strong and sweet. I hope the plum wine turns out equally well.