I knew I would be all exhausted on Sunday from a birthday party for a bunch of semi-wild 5-year-olds. The best way for me to recover from excessive exposure to people is to get away into nature. On my own I would perhaps have driven to some nearby nature reserve. But as a stroke of pure luck, I found a nature photo event for Sunday morning. So I got up at 4:20 and drove all the way to Gålö and then spent 4 hours photographing with a bunch of other photo enthusiasts.

I like nature photography, both landscape and macro, but I struggle with finding the right subjects. The subject needs to be meaningful for me. It’s hard for me to feel any real enthusiasm about photos taken purely for practise or exercise. Will I care about this photo a year from now? If not, why take it?

In the end I found two subjects/themes to document.

One was the peacefulness of the sea. A real contrast to the day before. This aspect of the place really embodied the feeling of why I was there.

My other subject was heather. It was almost as characteristic to the place as the sea itself. It’s a humble, simple plant. It’s everywhere, and we mostly just step over it and don’t think about it. I tried to really see it and show it.