Ingrid left early this morning for scout camp and Eric and Adrian are away visiting friends in Hälsingland. I’m on my own for two entire days, for the first time in forever.

Today I went biking in the Järva nature reserve and met very hairy cows.

I had my GPS with me – primarily for plain navigation rather than for geocaching. But I had downloaded some caches in that area earlier and one of them sounded intriguing. Called Fire and ants, the description said it was next to the site of a forest fire – and supposedly had a lot of ants. The part about a fire site sounded interesting, and I pretty much dismissed the part about ants. I mean, I’ve been close to ant hills before. How many ants could there possibly be?

It turns out that “a lot of ants” really meant “a hell of a lot of ants”. I could not believe my eyes. Within a sizable area (we’re talking tens of metres at least) the ground was covered with them. There was nowhere I could put my feet without stepping on dozens of ants. I could not stop walking even for a second because immediately I had ants all over my feet. I thought perhaps I could stand on something to get away from them but every log, rock, and tree stump was also covered in ants. I was walking in small circles all the time while opening the cache box and logging my visit, to avoid being totally overrun. As soon as I was done, I made my escape – running.

This is what the ground looked like, all over: