Quirky habit: Pre-emptively saying “what?” with a shrug when she is doing something that she thinks we might question, even though I have no intention of questioning it.
Quirky habit #2: calling everything grejsimojs (“thingamajig”).
Random fact: avatars are important. When we play Just Dance on the Wii or some other game, she must have a nice-looking avatar. It needs to look like a girl, and it must have stylish colours. Silly animals, bearded faces etc are not OK. Same with usernames. Her top choices currently are mostly pretty girl’s names, and sweet names like “cupcake” and “candy”.
Fashion choices: she’s transitioning from child to tween. She always used to choose dresses with strong floral patterns in a lot of bold colours (especially purple and violet). Now for the first time ever she has asked for blue jeans, which she has always dismissed as way too boring and colourless.
Bedtime stories: Narnia with Eric; Doctor Dolittle with me.

Favourite new thing: an activity-tracking wristband.
Favourite food/drink: carbonated water with a bit of apple juice.
Favourite entertainment: Minecraft videos. She especially loves iHasCupquake and her videos about the Enchanted Oasis mod.
Favourite entertainment #2: radio! Until now we’ve only ever listened to the radio while driving. It’s perfect for her. She likes pop music, she likes to have a lot of sensory input, she likes variety. She even enjoys the advertising. Now we happened to find a radio in the basement and it was an instant hit.