For those of you not familiar with Stockholm, Gröna Lund is Stockholm’s amusement park. We try to fit in a visit to “Grönan” each summer.

I love roller coasters best, and chain carousels are also great. Anything that makes me feel like I am flying, basically.

I’m looking forward to when Eric and I will be able to go on some rides together. Ingrid is old enough to go off on her own, but not enough to take care of Adrian for as long as it would take us to queue and take a ride as well. The queues weren’t too bad in the morning, but after lunch the waiting time for all the best rides was around 30-40 minutes.

Ingrid loved every moment of the day and went on almost every ride she could. (A bunch of them have a 140 cm height limit and she’s quite a bit short of that still.) Roller coasters, things that spin, the scary stuff, things that spin and go up and down at the same time – anything! She’s not afraid of any of the rides so we could do a lot of them together.

Adrian almost broke down crying when he realized where we were going. He’s not fond of any of the fast rides, which means most of them. But after calming down he remembered that the flying elefants were fun, and the mini Ferris wheel, and the wacky house (a vintage attraction from the 1920s!) and above all the “Love tunnel”. He did the Love tunnel at least three times. In the end even he was quite happy with the day.