Ingrid asked if I could sew pyjamas for her Yoohoo. No way, was my first thought – how can I sew pyjamas for something that consists of two balls of fur and a tail? But then I became intrigued. She had a very clear design in her mind: footie pyjamas in fleece, with a hood. I thought I’d give it a try.

It was actually easier than I had expected, once I found the right way to think about this kind of sewing project. The right way was to abandon any idea of using a pattern and assembling pre-cut pieces. Instead I approached it more like a fabric sculpture. I cut two pieces of fabric, sewed them together, snipped off excess fabric here and there, attached yet another small piece, and continued piece by odd-shaped piece until the Yoohoo’s body was covered. (It later got two buttons as well.)