Skyping and playing Minecraft together with her friend M.

Rainy and windy and cold, but we felt like we needed at least a little bit of fresh air. So Adrian and I potted some flowers, and then we joined Eric and helped him change tyres on the car (swapping out winter tyres for summer ones).

Pretty typically, Adrian didn’t hesitate a moment when choosing between staying indoors and coming out with us, while Ingrid decided equally quickly to stay inside and read.

Pickup time at preschool on a Friday afternoon.

Another trip to Malmö to spend a day in our Malmö office. Another too-early morning, another day of mostly waiting to be transported. A day of sitting in a narrow space, a space that is not mine. A day of following someone else’s schedule.

A day that was long and tiring but felt half-wasted.

So tiring that I went to bed at the same time as Ingrid, about two hours before my normal bedtime.

Ingrid flipping pancakes.