We flew home from Malmö today.

Bromma airport is not very far from where we live. The approach path passes quite nearby and we can see all the aircraft fly past. We live just far enough so the noise doesn’t bother us; a few blocks closer to the airport and it’s much noisier.

And since we can see the aircraft, the aircraft can see us as well. We didn’t quite fly over our house, but nearly. There’s my house! There’s the kids’ school! All there. I wished I could shout to the pilot to slow down so I can take pictures. Now I couldn’t, so the pictures look like crap, but it was fun anyway.

It reminded me of the balloon flight Eric and I took over London. (That was before I started blogging so I never wrote about it or posted any photos.) That flight also passed almost straight over our home as well as our workplaces, and I remember that same feeling of wanting to slow down to really get a good look at our home from above.

Balloons fly over Spånga, too. On several occasions they’ve passed so close by, and so low down, that we’ve waved to the passengers. I wonder how predictable the flight path is – if a fly-by of our home was highly probable, it would be fun to do it.