I have a Coop MedMera membership card, which I use to pay for all my daily shopping at Coop Konsum, one of our two local supermarkets. I use my Visa card for everything else, and only rarely use cash.

MedMera means roughly “and more”, so it can also be used at other shops in the Coop group, for example at the Akademibokhandeln chain of book shops. But I use almost exclusively at Coop.

So much so, in fact, that my brain has apparently decided that the MedMera card is for Coop only, and refuses to process it at other locations. It has happened me on two occasions already that I have tried to pay with it at Akademibokhandeln and been totally and completely unable to recall the PIN code, which I use daily at Coop without ever having to even think about it. The card terminal looks different and that is apparently enough to throw my brain off.

And what’s worse, not being able to remember the PIN at Akademibokhandeln also erased it from the memory slot that I use at Coop. So: I use the PIN daily for years at Coop, then tried and failed (just once!) to remember the pin at Akademibokhandeln, and the next day I could not recall it at Coop either!

(Luckily muscle memory kicked in again the day after, so I can now use the card again.)