Every other Tuesday we get a box of organic vegetables from Ekol├ądan, “the organic box”. These are the contents of today’s box.

Mostly I welcome the challenge of cooking based on what I get. But sometimes it’s really hard.

Onions, tomatoes – no problem. Aubergine, courgette, beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes, pumpkin: the adults love them, the kids not so much, and I have no trouble coming up with meal ideas to use them up.

Cabbage is harder, because they are always huge. One pumpkin is one dinner. Two aubergines is also roughly one dinner. But one large head of cabbage is at least two dinners if I let the cabbage totally dominate the meal, or four if I don’t, and coming up with creative ways to serve cabbage twice a week is challenging. I currently have one ordinary cabbage, one savoy cabbage and one and a half Chinese cabbage, all waiting to be eaten.

Lettuce I’ve totally given up with. There’s almost always a head of lettuce in the box, and nobody in our home is fond of lettuce. Eric eats some when served, and Ingrid and I might eat a leaf or two if it’s in a hamburger or sandwich. Adrian of course will not even try it. So there is no way we will eat a head of lettuce every two weeks. So I found a neighbour who is fond of lettuce, and most Tuesdays they get ours.

No idea what to do with the chillies, either. We don’t really do spicy food at all normally, and that’s a lot of chillies…