Ingrid’s toothbrush.

For some reason, this toothbrush came with a loop of string and a knob that you’re supposed to attach by suction to some surface in the bathroom. I’m not sure what surface they had in mind – mirror? wall? bathtub? – but Ingrid’s toothbrush now hangs from the sink. Because if you have a knob and a string then of course you have to use them.

And my brain just cannot get used to this. Every time I look for Ingrid’s toothbrush (which I don’t do very often, and that’s of course why my brain doesn’t learn it) I look for it in the cup with all the other toothbrushes. Then I think, it’s not there, how can we have misplaced a toothbrush? before I finally find it.

For a long time Ingrid used an electric toothbrush but now for some reason she’s gone back to old school brushing. She does a decent job but is too impatient to keep it up for as long as she should, so I try to remember to do some supplemental brushing once in a while, which is why I occasionally look for her toothbrush.