We walked around in Funchal a bit and heard incredible amounts of grumbling about having to walk. I don’t think I’ve ever come home from a new city with as few photos as I have from this visit to Funchal.

We went whale- and dolphin-watching along the south coast of Madeira.
If either of the kids has any memories of this boat trip, it’ll be about feeling seasick all the way. Quite luckily they both managed to fall asleep rather than throw up.

We took the cable car up to Monte and walked around in the lush, beautiful, well-designed, scenic tropical garden.

Waiting and boredom and various ways of dealing with it. Adrian tends more towards turning inwards; Ingrid finds something to fiddle with.

On our way to Madeira.

It’s fall break next week and we’ll be off to Madeira, so we’ve spent much of this weekend packing.

Freshly baked bread.

A la carte at the Bergheden-Toomik residence:

Adrian had a white dinner: pasta, a slice of white bread, and cauliflower, each on a separate plate.
I had the same pasta but with prawns, peppers and tomatoes in a creamy saffron sauce.
Ingrid made it into a three-course meal: first the pasta with ketchup, then some raw carrots, and finally the prawns on their own.

Jumping on the sofa instead of going to bed.