If there was one thing I could change about myself, I would lower my expectations for myself. There is that persistent streak of perfectionism that I always struggle with and never manage to quash.

I view myself and my doings with a critical eye. I compare myself to others; I compare myself to the best. I feel I should always make an effort to do better. If I’m not good, then I feel I’ve failed. If I think I will “fail”, I abstain.

I know it is so and I remind myself that these thoughts make no sense. Sometimes I manage to convince myself; other times not.

The daily photography project is one way to train myself to let go of those impossible goalposts and settle for good enough. Forcing myself to post something, even if it is not quite what I had aimed for, not quite as good as I had hoped.

Looking at other photographers’ work is a mixed experience. What could be inspirational often just feels unattainable. It makes no sense to compare my photos to the pros and feel that I fall short – and yet a part of my brain still does that.