We went skating today. Which may not sound like a big deal, because we’ve been doing a lot of skating recently. But today we went skating even though it was dark, seven o’clock in the evening, the temperature was -8°C (which isn’t shockingly cold but is about 10 degrees colder than what we’ve had thus far this winter) and windy to boot. Ingrid even chose skating ahead of watching a movie. I’m amazed.

The reason? Yesterday Ingrid got two bandy sticks and a bandy ball as a late Christmas gift. She was over the moon about them and really wanted to try them out today.

And despite the circumstances, she (and I) really enjoyed it – even though the bandy field felt like it had not been resurfaced for at least a week and was covered with snow, so the ball kept getting stuck. By the end (close to 9 o’clock) it was just us two on one side of the field, and twenty men playing bandy for real on the other side. A weird but fun experience.

The snow on the ice and the snow in the air made new games possible. We skated so as to make pretty patterns in the snow, and by the time we’d skated to the other end of the field (against the wind) and come back again, twice, our previous tracks were already almost obliterated by the snow so we could make new ones.