I’ve been spending more time and attention on photography: practising more intentionally, following a blog or two, joining a forum. Starting this week I’m also taking an online course to get a better grip on the technical stuff. (The course is titled “Mastering Manual Exposure”.)

By the way, I can strongly recommend the forum if you want to improve your photography. Clickin’ Moms is a very informative and active photography forum. It is also a very friendly place, which really sets it apart from many other places on the Internet, including some other photography-related sites I’ve looked at.

The assignment for the first week is to take three photos of the same object in different settings, aiming for consistent exposure.

Today I practised on my gloves. They are reasonably close to me all day long, so I can spread out my photos over the day and the evening.

First the gloves took the train from the city to the suburbs. The gloves got a few drops of rain on them, and spent a few minutes waiting for the train.

When the gloves got off the train, it was raining more, and the umbrella was not an option because the gloves had to cycle around in the rain for a while, ferrying children back and forth. By the time the gloves got home they were quite wet.

The gloves spent the rest of the evening drying in the hall.