The ultimate crumble recipe still rules supreme. It works not only with rhubarb but also with rhubarb + raspberries, apples, apples + blackberries, plums, and probably any other fruit. (I just finished off the apple and blackberry crumble so I could wash up the pie dish for a plum crumble, which is in the oven now.)

It is easy and fast to prepare. I can make one even when the kids don’t fall asleep until 10 o’clock.

It’s a crumble rather than a pie or a cake, so the fruit is at centre stage and the crumble is there to bring out the best of the fruit.

It is both crunchy and juicy.

It is not sweet. In fact you could almost serve it for breakfast: the crumble part (i.e. not counting the fruit) contains 50g of sugar, or about 15%. Not as good as having oatmeal for breakfast, but on par with most breakfast cereals, and way better than Kellogg’s Frosties.

It has oats and seeds and almonds.

In fact the only thing missing from it, the one thing that could possibly make it better, would be chocolate. But even that would not be an obvious improvement, because it would take attention away from the fruit.