After four and a half years of dedicated service, I have now retired my old MacBook Pro and bought a new one, of roughly the same kind. (The battery on the old one has warped with time and is now so bent out of shape that it puts pressure on the trackpad from underneath, so after about an hour of use the trackpad stops working properly.)

In addition to a working trackpad, unaffected by a misbehaving battery, the new one has one really cool thing: a Retina display.

The Retina display seemed like an unnecessary luxury. I was pretty happy with the old screen. But the model with Retina display had other things that I wanted (more memory compared to the non-retina one, and Flash storage instead of a hard drive) so I bought it anyway.

And now I am in love with the new display. Everything looks so crisp. It’s a pleasure to look at, and especially to read – or write.

PS: If anyone is interested in buying a cheap 5-year-old 15″ MacBook Pro with a badly warped battery, then let me know. The battery can be replaced, I’m sure.