Some weeks ago we discovered a slightly moldy smell in our basement and a few boxes felt like they were a bit moist. We took those up and aired their contents. To get the moist air out of the basement we kept the door open during the day a few times, and put a high-powered fan in there.

A while later Eric discovered that someone had seized this opportunity, walked into our basement, and walked out with all the alcohol that was in there. It was all stored in a closet inside the basement, not visible and not even anywhere near the entrance, but I guess someone felt comfortable enough to go poking around inside.

A bunch of bottles of wine (we get wine as a gift now and again and never drink it), some half-empty bottles of glögg, etc. I guess they worked really fast because they also grabbed the totally non-alcoholic home made sloe cordial that sat on the same shelf…

While there were a few bottles there that will be hard to replace, the incident felt no more than a minor nuisance to me, especially since I don’t drink any alcohol. It was more of a loss to Eric. To me it was like a slap on the fingers, “don’t leave the door open, stupid people!” Kind of sad, though, because I really wouldn’t have expected this kind of thing to happen in our neighbourhood.

Today I discovered the real loss. To carry away the alcohol, they took our two suitcases. One of them we only bought last year and I had hoped for it to last at least twenty years. Now it’s gone. Now that made me angry.

It’s a good thing that they didn’t take our kit bags, because I just started packing today for our two-week trip to Estonia. (Hence my discovery of the loss.) Otherwise there would have been some panicked emergency shopping here.