Those rats we had? It seems that one of them (or maybe some other small creature, who knows) has gone and died somewhere underneath our kitchen.

There is an unpleasant dead odour that is strongest in one corner of the kitchen, and an awful lot of very fat flies.

I crawled into the foundation under the kitchen and looked around. I saw droppings of some small animal, but there was no dead rat to be seen. The smell was there, too, now coming from above, so the dead thing is probably somewhere in the floor substructure.

So now we wait. And kill flies. Fly paper, which I haven’t seen since my childhood days, apparently still exists, and works. But a plain old rolled-up newspaper is much more efficient. Especially with these flies: many of them are unusually slow and dull, and don’t even try to fly away. One afternoon after work I swatted fifteen, and Ingrid did another four, while the fly paper had caught only a handful during the day.