TodayYesterday we saw Cirkus Orion at the Orion theatre: a fusion of theatre and circus, with horses and dogs outnumbering the humans on the scene.

The story:
A man and his daughter come to the circus. The daughter longs to leave her seat in the audience and join the crew on and behind the stage. At first she approaches cautiously, then becomes a bit bolder, steps into the arena and dances with the horses, shyly imitates the juggler and longingly tries to insert herself in the hula hoop routine.

The father is more reserved and fearful of the unknown. Inclined to keep his distance, it takes a while before he dares to approach a pony or pet a dog. But he cannot resist the lure of the circus, either.

The whole show is more sweet and charming than dazzling or impressive. It’s tasteful, poetic and low-key, with simple costumes (no spandex, no sequins) and simple music. The circus part of it was decent but not very impressive technically. Pleasant family entertainment for an afternoon.