After I posted about my achievementless 2011, a friend remarked that one major project we completed last year was the remodelling of our house. That is true, but I don’t count it as a personal achievement. It wasn’t mostly my doing – it would count as an achievement for the builders but not for me. And it didn’t apply to me but our house. I didn’t change, learn, or experience anything new. Rather, I bought something. Which can be a big event but it’s not an achievement.

But my friend has a point in that my previous post was too one-sided. So, here is a more nuanced review of 2011.

  • Top things I will remember 2011 for: The remodelling. A full year on a milk-free diet.
  • Other memorable events: I went back to work after my maternity leave with Adrian.
  • Major projects I completed: My felt advent calendar.
  • Major decisions: We bought a car.