Today we went pre-shopping for sofas. Not buying, not even quite deciding yet, but looking at what is available, roughly what things cost, what the different parameters are. We visited three furniture stores, conveniently located close to each other in Barkarby.

And all the sofas in their showrooms were either in non-colours (black, white, grey, beige) and in red. If you want colour, you get red. I think there were also two sofas in purple, but that’s it.

Oh, of course, if you go digging through all the fabric samples you will find some alternatives, but it is very clear what most people want. And your choice is narrowed down significantly if you want a sofa in, for example, green, as opposed to grey.

I’ve previously noticed that red is also almost always the only colour for leather goods. Any normal shoe brand will have shoes in black and brown, and if they have shoes in other colour, those will be red. Same for gloves and bags.