Forest wallpaper

One unexpected consequence of the remodelling is a naming confusion. Rooms have changed names as they changed roles, and functions have moved around the house. (You can see the floor plans here.) With each change there was a transition period when we had to clarify each reference to a room, especially when talking to Ingrid. “It’s in the hall. No, not the old hall, in the new hall where the new front door is.”

Before the whole building project began we had a Bedroom, a Living Room, a Bathroom, a Kitchen, a Hall, a Corridor, and a Pantry. The upstairs effectively didn’t figure in our daily lives, but when we needed to refer to the rooms upstairs they were usually named the Library, the Room with Boxes and the Toilet.

To prepare for the builders, we had to evacuate some of the downstairs rooms and move into the upstairs ones. The Library became the Bedroom (with the bookshelves draped in cheap IKEA bedsheets, both to keep the dust away from the books and to keep the bedroom reasonably calm for sleeping). The Room with Boxes became Ingrid’s Room. The Bedroom became the Old Bedroom, and once the remodelling was finished and we had moved into that room, it became the Office.

We also had and have multiple halls. The entrance to the house was moved, so you now enter the house in one place but the stairs to the first floor are in a different part of the house. Thus the old Hall became the Stair Hall, and we acquired a new Entry Hall. While work was underway the Pantry (which is now the Laundry Room) was sometimes also called the Hall, since that was where our temporary entrance was.

As we discussed tearing down walls and moving rooms around, the Corridor widened and became a new room. The architect imagined that new room as the Dining Room, keeping the Living Room where it was. We on the other hand imagined the Dining Room to be the one closer to the Kitchen, and the new room as the Living Room. To minimize confusion I ended up referring to them as the Old Room and the New Room when speaking to the builders.

Those names now no longer feel appropriate but the rooms still don’t have new names, mostly because their roles are not yet apparent. (The Old Room is effectively unfurnished.) I suspect the names will become clear when we finish furnishing the rooms.

In the meantime, when precision is needed, the New Room is sometimes called the Sun Room because of its glass wall, while the Old Room is called the Forest because of its wallpaper.