The end is in sight! The construction work around this house will soon be done. I am so looking forward to having the house to ourselves, without builders, plastic sheeting, or gypsum dust.

For several months we could live pretty comfortably despite the works. The builders were in their half of the house, we in ours. Now that they’re painting the living room and kitchen, we’re all in each others’ way again. So instead of life gradually getting closer and closer to normal, we finish it all off with a good dose of chaos.

The microwave oven stands on the floor in the storage closet – with three rooms between it and the kitchen. There is a fruit bowl in the CD shelf. The coffee maker is in the laundry room. The “kitchen cupboard” of plastic IKEA bins is in the hallway, behind the laundry drying rack. I use a step stool as a side table. The bath towels are in the living room.