After three days at home I am starting to feel like I’m on vacation. The hot and sunny weather outside makes it feel like high summer. I’m forgetting work, shifting into a different gear. Gardening, playing with the kids.

Dastardly roe deer bit off two of my tomato plants, leaving little more than a stump. The third one they didn’t touch. Now the two mangled ones look like they might survive and grow some new branches, so we’re doing our best to protect them. Yesterday we bought nylon netting that I hung over the planting beds. The ones housing strawberries had netting already since last year; now all the veggies are protected, too. (In addition to those unfortunate tomato bushes I have planted some butternut squash as well as peas.)

I hope the deer don’t eat gooseberries. If they do, we will have to put up something more extensive and less discreet, an enclosure of some sort around the entire kitchen garden.

I realize now that I have no current photos of the kitchen garden. It is almost, but not quite, light enough outside that I could take some now, at 10pm. Three weeks to go until midsummer.