Today is the first day in a 5-day holiday in Sweden: Ascension, then a so-called “squeezed” Friday (a single working day sandwiched between two free days) on which most people stay home from work (either flexing or taking a day’s vacation), then the normal weekend, and finally National Day on Monday.

The weather being fine, we made a short cycle trip. We cycled to Gåseborg, an Iron Age fort on a hill on lake Mälaren. It’s a nice bike ride: first along cycle tracks running next to streets, then in the woods. And then a short climb to the top of a rocky hill with grand views. We had a picnic lunch and climbed a bit on rocks and stones and then cycled back home. Adrian had nice naps in the bike trailer both going there and coming home, and on the way back Ingrid actually fell asleep, too.

They keep each other company in the trailer. Adrian in particular is much more contented in the trailer when Ingrid is there next to him. When he fell asleep, his head leaned onto her shoulder, and it looked very cosy.

We did a similar bike ride to the same place two years ago, a bit later in the summer I think. I was sure I’d written a post about it at the time but now I cannot find it, so I guess I never did.