Ingrid’s foot was still hurting but much better today. She limps but not as much as before. Still, when we went to town for some urgent gift shopping, she got to sit in a stroller. Luxury. Adrian didn’t like the stroller as much as on Thursday so he spent most of the time in a sling.

Bought a book about working with colour in interiors – we will need to make some decisions about colour in our new rooms pretty soon.

Adrian is happier again; the worst of the teething seems to be behind us for now. He is actually interested in eating again.

I’ve given up trying to get him to sit on my back in a wrap so now I’ve brought out one of the mei tais. This has worked better because he will inevitably end up in a reasonable position even when he fights me while I’m getting him in place. He had a good nap on my back yesterday, and another one today.

Scrubbed the horizontal surfaces of Ingrid’s fort so we can start painting it some day soon.

Did a GTD review for the first time in many weeks.