Yesterday: sent Ingrid and my mum off to town, to a puppet show. Today she had J’s birthday party to go to. And Adrian has been taking some of his naps in the bed (!) so Eric and I have had some peaceful hours with just one kid to take care of.

Yesterday I tried two small spoonfuls of sour cream with my waffles (with roe and red onion). That was more milk than Adrian could cope with. Not all-out screaming but still about 15 minutes of crying with distinct signs of stomach discomfort.

Adrian has been generally unhappy this weekend: low-level unhappiness pretty much all the time. He has a runny nose for the nth week in a row. For two days now he’s been gassy, and pooping a little bit with every fart, so now his bottom looks red and tender. Today he got a slight fever, too. And finally I also discovered he’s getting another tooth. No wonder he’s not content.

Interestingly his 3rd tooth is not one of the incisors, but his top left canine.