A trip to the supermarket in the morning, Ingrid cycling.

Next, a trip to town, primarily to shop for materials for some Easter crafts. We came home with plastic eggs of two kinds, coloured feathers, egg paint based on food colouring, and assorted other craftsy stuff that I suddenly realized we needed: paint, more narrow paintbrushes, some pre-stretched canvases, etc. On the way to the crafts store we stopped by a bookshop where we bought some children’s books.

Lunch at Pyttirian in Kungshallarna. Ingrid specifically asked for pasta bolognese and then hardly touched it; next time I’m choosing a restaurant based on my taste, and ordering meatless food for her so that I can eat what she leaves. (Now I left the restaurant still hungry – I need almost double servings of most food. No wonder Adrian is growing well.) Adrian happily gnawed on crispbread.