The mess in the hallway: for real, not staged

We’re back. In fact we got back yesterday shortly before midnight, but I was too tired to do any blogging.

I haven’t been able to post anything during the vacation because the hotel had – shockingly – no Wifi available in the rooms. I will be posting some already-written posts in the next few days, as soon as I clean them up. Keep an eye out for backdated posts just below this one.

Just before leaving we emptied the living room and the kitchen of all loose items so the builders could move out all the furniture and then go to work on the wiring in those rooms, and also put drywall in place on the walls and ceilings. Then unexpectedly on Wednesday the new windows for those rooms arrived, so we agreed that they’d install those as well. Might as well get it done while the rooms are empty. This of course made the work take longer, and even though they had worked late on Thursday, they were nowhere near done, and had to continue work there today.

So today the house was almost uninhabitable. The only almost-usable rooms were the bathrooms and the two upstairs bedrooms. Even those were very cramped due to the extra stuff we’d had to put there temporarily while emptying the bottom floor. We had a picnic breakfast on the floor of Ingrid’s bedroom, since that’s where we found the largest free floor area: just large enough for Ingrid and me to both sit (Adrian was on Ingrid’s bed), with a tray perched on an archive box acting as a table between us. Cereal, milk and juice was the only thing I could access, so breakfast for me consisted of dry cereal.

My plan was to spend much of the day outside, but when the freezing winds were complemented by snowfall in the middle of the day, I gave up, and asked friend/neighbour P to shelter me and Adrian for a few hours. We took a walk together in the afternoon, I picked up Ingrid slightly too late from preschool, and by the time we got home the builders were almost done cleaning up after themselves. Now we just need to move everything back, and vacuum up the gypsum dust that’s gotten between and under everything. No shortage of work for the weekend.

The living room this afternoon