Ingrid is definitely getting bored with being at home with me. I’m hearing frequent complaints about how she has nothing to do, how her legs are tired, how boring it is to go the supermarket.

Almost finished Adrian’s new hat yesterday but then I ran out of yarn, with about 100 stitches to go… I will have to buy another skein so I can finish it.

Yesterday something went wrong with one of the wheels on the pushchair. First it was a bit hard to push and then one wheel stopped turning altogether. When I inspected it today I found what seemed to be a ball from the bearing, stuck between the wheel and its bracket, so I guess we will have to get the wheel replaced. Bother. I made do with just the slings today, but it’s not something I want to do for many days, as long as he refuses to sleep in a back carry.

My new theory about Adrian’s tummy troubles is that perhaps he’s allergic to shellfish, too, in which case it would be the prawns in sushi that cause trouble. I’m now considering taking him to a specialist to get some more clarity about this. As long as it was just cow’s milk, it was easy, but now it’s beginning to get complicated.