–20°C during the night; several frozen pipes as a result. We now have no cold water in the kitchen (even though we left the tap dripping to prevent freezing), or the bathroom tap or the shower (both of which froze yesterday already). Lots of hot water though. Luckily the tap in the new laundry room works OK, and the toilet tank seems to fill, too. We’re washing dishes by hand; there’s a bucket with cold water standing in a corner in the kitchen, so we can mix water to a suitable temperature in the sink. I guess the builders’ hypothesis about where the weak spot is was not correct.

My mum came to visit. Ingrid was very happy about this, in high gear all day, barely a calm moment. She is going to be tired tomorrow.

Eric and my mum made pizza for dinner. Yummy, but without cheese it’s not quite the real thing.