As of this morning, Adrian weighed 6.95kg and was 61.4cm long. Nice and chubby. (Impressive precision on the length measurement, don’t you think, given that it involves holding a wiggly baby flat on its back and then trying to straighten its legs while keeping the head still?) He is roughly a size 68 in bodies and 62 in trousers.

New skills: smiling (yay!) and cooing. A typical “word” sounds like ngaanh. He has found his fists and will try to stuff them in his mouth when he loses his dummy.

He has a strong neck and back and has no trouble holding his head upright and looking around in all directions. He likes sitting or even standing up (both with me supporting him under his arms) when awake and not tired. He will push with his head against whatever he is leaning against to signal that he’d rather be upright. Our favourite activity is cooing at each other, with him sitting or standing or kneeling on my thighs while I lounge in the sofa.

He is already quite sociable and curious. Generally he’d rather sit in his bouncy seat and watch the world, than lie on his play mat – I don’t think he’s ever accepted more than 5 or 10 minutes on the play mat. When left on his own, he usually gets bored & lonely pretty soon and starts making unhappy noises, so I often have him with me in the bouncy seat while I’m hanging laundry, eating lunch etc.

He is not too fond of lying on his tummy except when asleep. On his back he will flail, push with his head and definitely not go to sleep. If I nurse him to sleep and then put him on his back, he will inevitably wake within 15 minutes.

His eating and sleeping are becoming roughly predictable. He can stay awake for about a hour or maybe one and a half, and will then sleep for one to two hours. After around 3 or 4pm he will take one or two short naps only, maybe 15–30 minutes. So on a normal day he gets 3 proper naps and one or two brief ones. He wakes with us at 7am, and we put him to bed for night some time between 7 and 8pm. At night he usually wakes 2 or maybe 3 times, nurses, and then goes back to sleep without any fuss – except if he happens to wake and feed after 5.30, after which it is hard to get him to settle properly again.

He still likes his dummy but only for sleeping. Until very recently that was true for the sling as well: he falls asleep very quickly in the sling but does not like sitting there when he’s awake. He usually cries when I put him in, and often wakes crying as well. (If anyone sees me put him in the sling, they’re probably not going to become babywearing converts.) But a few times now he’s woken in the sling and been pretty content to just watch the world from there.

He has also been out in the pushchair a few times, and been happy enough as long as (1) it was moving, and (2) he was sleepy. But given the current road conditions (lots of mushy snow) and the difficulty of arranging our life around his not-entirely-predictable naps, I don’t use the pram except in rare circumstances. The sling gives me so much more flexibility.

He has a semi-permanent little frown. His mouth is more similar to mine than to Eric’s, but his eyes are not mine. He drools quite a lot.

He still has some sort of tummy troubles although not as bad as before. Still investigating as to the cause.