Totally swamped by Christmas and other obligations. During the past 10 days I’ve been off work for 1 day (Ingrid sick), and had to leave early or come in late on 3 days due to various appointments. Hence I’ve been catching up with work from home in the evenings after Ingrid’s gone to bed. Then on Thursday we had our Christmas party at work, on Friday evening a tense production release, on Saturday an all-day hen party (from 9am to late evening) and today the Estonian House’s children’s Christmas party. Plus I’ve been sleeping badly due to all this rushing around. By this afternoon I was so knackered that Ingrid and I took a 90-minute nap together.

And there’s no end in sight for all this rushing around, until after Christmas. I’m leaving work early tomorrow again because of the St. Lucia celebration at Ingrid’s nursery, and leaving work early on Friday to celebrate Christmas with Eric’s family, which means more lost work hours to be made up some time. And not a single Christmas gift bought yet. It’s almost enough to make me wish that Christmas didn’t exist.

Therefore I am spending my time on keeping afloat and not on blogging.