Today was session #2 of the bugg course. The course starts relatively late (half past six) which, given that I leave work at about half past three, gives me several free hours in between. Today I spent much of that time buying summer clothes for Ingrid; last week I went to the SF book shop in Gamla stan.

When I came out of the book shop and headed towards my bicycle, which I’d parked out of the way, just around the corner, I discovered a small chocolate shop there. I love good (expensive) dark chocolates. They had a sale on some interesting flavours of Swedish chocolate, which I was curious enough to try.

The saffron-flavoured chocolate was interesting. The glögg-flavoured variety was even better, and the balsamico and honey ones were so good that I ate all except one the very same evening (and only left that one so that Eric would have a chance to try it) even though I couldn’t help thinking, here goes 10 kronor in a bite… and another 10 kr….

Today I had no business in that part of town except buying more of the balsamico chocolate.